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Monday, August 29, 2016


The most important thing that happened last week was the annual bus excursion Tuesday. It was arranged by the social club but I didn't do much since I was on vacation. That particular day I worked, however. This was because we have to leave already at noon and I wanted to make sure we had done all the tasks so that everybody who wanted to could join us. We visited a beer brewery in Helsingborg. Even though I am not into this kind of drink it was rather interesting to hear the lecture on the art of making beer. We got to peek into the house where the beer is made. It's a small brewery with a select production. My colleagues tasted several kinds in the bar on the premises. After this we continued on to Sofiero, which is a large park area. The castle in the middle of it used to be a royal castle. The park contained planted flowers of many kinds, apple and pear trees, a labyrinth, sculptures, art installations, greenhouses, plant sales, exhibits and a cafe. There was lots to see and the view over the ocean was great. We were very lucky with the weather also. Back in Lund we had dinner at a restaurant. The barbecue buffet was very tasty. The dessert table was incredible. We have been to this place before and it's worth the money.

Apart from this I have enjoyed the sunny weather. This year I was bold and bought a tomato plant for my balcony. It's small yellow tomatoes and to my great surprise I have been able to eat a handful of them. I made a trip to Helsingborg to have lunch at a 1950's inspired restaurant and then went out to the pier. There is a small section of sandy beach close by with palm trees. It looks very much out of place. The rest of the beach is very rocky. Anyway, I went there to get an icecream. I had been recommended this particular kind, locally made. It was indeed very good. You could tell there were actual pieces of raspberries in it. Not common in other brands.

Over the weekend I did research at work. I can't go on weekdays because then my colleagues think I am working. I got a rather interesting case with lots of hard-to-find clues. Some emigrants and some sailors that never returned home. Today I had to go to the archive center to use databases I don't normally have access to. Also there I had to explain that I was not on duty (the staff see me several times a week because that's where our storage is). The databases did shed some light on those clues I had struggled with. But there is still one sailor I can't track down.

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