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Monday, June 3, 2013

The end of the book move

Last week was another tough one. It was also the last one for the book move. Yes, it is incredible, but it's actually over now! The last book was moved Friday. I can't believe that there was an ending to this madness. We still have lots of things to do, because all the book cases at the old storages must be torn down and thrown away, but the books have found home. The movers are still here, they are now moving some material from the ephemera collection to another floor of the main library.

Last week was also the annual picnic with boules, arranged by the social club at work. We were at the Botanical Gardens. The weather was a concern, because it rained during the day, but in the evening it was very nice and sunny. We had a very good time. There is nothing like competing for some silly prizes with your colleagues.

Saturday I was at work again, and in the afternoon I took the bus to a small town outside Lund. I had, along with some other colleagues, been invited to a colleague's house for a barbeque. It rained very much, so we sat inside. It was fun to meet everybody outside of work.

And a special thank you to my father (if he should ever read this), for driving down to my place one evening, just to fix the lock on my apartment door. It was not working properly and the door was very difficult to unlock. A little scary, since it's the only exit from my apartment. It took about 30 minutes to grease all the components and it helped a great deal. Dinner (home cooked) was the only payment.

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