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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Workshop with dinner

Another busy week passed by. The movers finished the work for the ephemera collection and asked for more things to do. I gave them the job of moving a collection within the same floor of the main library. Some parts of it are placed on temporary shelves and that's not so practical. I saved this job for last, because it had lower priority than the ephemera collection. Tuesday another group of four very strong guys from the moving company arrived here. They started removing the compact system in the basement that had been emptied by their colleagues earlier. It's made of metal and it was a tough job to dismantle it all. They had to separate the metal from the electric cables and rubber, because you get paid for the metal if you recycle it clean.

Thursday most of the librarians at the university were in Helsingborg for a workshop. The head librarian asked us to participate in the production of the strategy plan for the entire library network. It may sound crazy, but it was rather fun to discuss these matters with colleagues. The day ended with a very nice boat trip. We went onboard one of the ferries that go between Helsingborg and Elsinore in Denmark (one way takes 20 minutes) and spent four trips in the restaurant. (We never disembarked in Elsinore). We had a very nice buffet, where the fish was of especially high quality. I ate too much again.

The weather is pretty typical of a Swedish summer; very varied. Sun, clouds and rain. Sometimes all at once. Next Friday is Midsummer, and I will be at the summer house. So, probably no writing here for a while.

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