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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Shopping trip to Denmark

The week that passed we worked only Monday-Wednesday. The movers are now four (used to be seven), and they are moving ephemera material ahead of time. It's the most frequent material that will stay in the main library, so they are moving it three floors down. There is about 10 000 shelf meters of ephemera material in total and most of it will be moved to another storage this fall. The problem is that there are no shelves yet. There have been some administrative issues, but we hope they will start building the compact-shelves during the summer. Formally, this move is not my responsibility, but I'm involved anyway (because of my long experience from book moving).

Tuesday I was at a conference in Malmö called "Social media and the web". It was about all the ways you can present yourself (or a library, for that matter) on the internet. I gave a short presentation of my moving blog. The speech was in free form and without preparation. It turned out surprisingly well.

Thursday was our National Day, so the library was closed. I went on a shopping trip to Denmark. I usually do this, because it's a normal working day there, so all the stores are open. I'm not the only Swede who has discovered this. The triple-connected train was extremely crowded. I changed trains at the airport, and went to a mall just outside Copenhagen. I found a pair of sandals of the brand I use at work, which was really good. Also bought a dress on sale and a top at a very cheap department store. Had lunch at my favorite place, the Hard Rock Cafe. A great day.

The last days of the week I haven't done much. I tried to tidy up in my apartment (again). I don't understand how it can get that messy.

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