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Monday, May 27, 2013

Incredible week

Last week was the kind of week I'm glad I survived. The workload was incredible. There were some events that stand out from the rest. Wednesday I arrived 15 minutes late to the department meeting because the movers needed help right then. During the meeting I had to leave to answer my cell phone three times. The movers needed more help. I don't remember much from what was said at that meeting. The same day an entire load of carts fell over in the truck during transportation. The strap securing the carts broke. Many of the books ended up in a total mess on the floor. It was a hard job to get them all in order again.

The decisions made at the last crisis meeting were not in my favor. I hoped to get vacation soon, but I will have to continue being in charge of the movers, even though their tasks will change. We now have a large number of empty bookcases in several different storages. The movers will dismantle them, some to discard and some to re-use elsewhere. It's going to be a long summer for all of us.

Saturday I was at work. No surprises there. In the afternoon I went to a big mall outside Malmö, just to do something that wasn't work-related.

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