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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last book in place at new storage

We have an extreme workload at the library this time of year. Many books are requested and many are returned. The movers have now placed the last book at the new storage. At least for a while. (Next year we will get more books from the faculty libraries). It feels strange that we have actually come this far. They have emptied one more of the old storages also. There is one left, and the books placed there will be moved to the main library. We started on that last week. There are some collections that will be moved within the house, and I have challenged the movers to do all the tasks at the same time. It has required my presence quite a lot. It is amazing that they can understand the strange system we have here. We place our books from the bottom and up on the shelves. That has never caused any problems to them.

Yesterday the Archive Center (where we have our new storage) was officially opened, because now all the archives are in place. Many dignified people attended the ceremonies. All the different archives (about eight) had displays of their records and collections. The Institute of Biology had a large skeleton of a giraffe in the main hall. We had some books to show in our storage. Much easier to handle. I brought books from our varied collection; children's books, sports magazines, scientific reports, medical journals, gossip magazines, biographies, and a few more. There were several groups of people walking around to look and I think I gave the introductory speech about seven times or so. All went well and I could actually answer all the questions I got.

Today my grandfather turns 99. Yes, it's mind-blowing.

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