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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seafood buffet

We missed out on the fleamarkets because my mother's car was at the mechanic's. It took longer time than expected to get it fixed, but it's now running smoothly without the annoying noise we had to listen to for many months. The only thing left to fix is the air conditioning, which all of a sudden thinks it's winter outside and switches to hot air.

Saturday we had seafood buffet at a restaurant near Ă…hus. We were supposed to bring Mark here, but instead of cancelling the reservation, we kept it and had a wonderful meal. Prawns, several kinds of salmon, clams and crab with salad, potatoes and bread. There was also music entertainment, three young people were singing easy-listening tunes. Very nice evening.

Sunday my mother and I went to the beach closer to Furuboda. The waves were fairly high and the water was reasonably warm. It was the first time I jumped into the ocean this year and it was great fun!

Monday there was a package for me to collect, and it was a blender! It seems to be the result of a competition where you were asked to give a smoothie recipe. My sister and I composed a few for this competition back in June, but we didn't try them, so it's uncertain if they were actually drinkable. My brother-in-law won one too, so they might not have gotten that many answers.

The week at work has so far been busy. One colleague called in sick today and we didn't really need that. Some of the students have received their reading lists, and have already started to order books for the upcoming semester (starts August 31).

Friday I will again travel to my mother's place. My vacation starts then and I will be away for about ten days. I might not get to a computer to write here in a while.

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