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Monday, August 3, 2009

Closet clearance

I was in Malmö this Saturday. I went to some of the second hand stores, but didn't find anything worth buying. One of my favorite stores is Gray's. They import American food and cool things like fridge magnets, Elvis memorabilia and bbq equipment. I got some cake mixes there.

After all the clothes shopping recently, I thought it was time to clear out my closet again. I ended up throwing away some tops I have ruined by eating too sloppily. The usable clothes I don't want anymore filled two bags. Amazing.

I have also given up on the balcony flowers. I threw most of them away this weekend. They were really not attended to as much as they deserved. The weather has been bad (except for this past weekend), so I haven't spent any time on the balcony. The weather today was extreme, the rain was very heavy and the thunder and lightning caused traffic problems. The trains were over one hour delayed this afternoon.

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