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Friday, August 28, 2009

Railway museum

Tuesday I unpacked and went grocery shopping. Wednesday I travelled to Helsingborg to a mall and found a jacket in the store where it's not possible to shop unless it's a sale. They had 70% off all summer clothes. The jacket had cost 1900 SEK (I paid 500), so it was of pretty good quality.

Yesterday I went to work in the morning and helped out for an hour, so that all the staff members who wanted to could join the bus trip to Ängelholm, arranged by the social club. We started at noon from Lund and it took about one hour to get to the railway museum (slightly delayed by two road construction sites and the absence of a gps/map/directions to the museum). It was a fairly large museum with built-up interiors of a railroad worker's cottage, a station waiting room from the late 19th century and a mine. There were several model trains from all eras, informational films on small monitors, a large steam engine built in Kristianstad in 1906, a movie theater where the benches were moving so it was like riding the trains you saw on the film, displays of different signalling systems, bridge constructions and much else. I don't think there has ever been that many male colleagues on any trip we have done before. After surviving the rush hour traffic, we got back to Lund at about 6 pm. We then had dinner at a restaurant focused on organic, locally produced food. It was a buffet with lots of vegetable dishes, and the food was great.

Today is yet another travelling day. I will visit my mother again. Some time next week she and I will drive to Borås. It may take a while before this page gets updated.

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