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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salmon and blueberry pie

Saturday my mother and I spent a few hours in Åhus. First we went to the two flea market stores, but only found one thing worth buying (an egg cup). Afterwards we had a baguette at the nice cafe in the center of town. We also went shopping at a clothing store where everything was half price off. It's very unusual to find jeans in my size in ordinary clothing stores, so I was surprised to find a pair there, and quite affordable too. My mother found two very nice tops there. After going up and down the shopping street, we finished with a big ice-cream from the stall in the old square. Åhus is a picturesque town and there were many tourists from different countries (mainly Germany and Denmark).

Sunday morning my mother and I loaded the car with boxes of decorative items and shoes, and drove about 600 meters down to the public sports area, where there is a tennis court and a field for basketball. The local home owner's association arranged a small flea market, where the residents sold their unwanted stuff. It was fun to be there, but we really didn't sell much. The people who had brought toys to sell were doing pretty well, but we had no such things. We managed to get rid of one pair of shoes, two table runners and a set of coffee cups. Naturally, my mother shopped from the others (fabric), but we still ended on plus.

Around lunchtime we gave up the flea market, went home, changed clothes and drove to Kristianstad. We met Jane and her family at the hotel, and it was great to see them again. They had borrowed a car and we drove to a fish restaurant south of Åhus. The salmon was incredible. Very, very tasty. We had a good time talking about basically everything from environmental issues to the trip they had just been on in Norway. Then we continued further south to my mother's place and had afternoon coffee. The blueberry pie was praised, and rightfully so. We also made a quick visit to the ocean. The water was bitterly cold, but it was beautiful weather and we all enjoyed the view. Back in Kristianstad late afternoon, they dropped me off at the train station. I arrived home at nine pm.

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