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Friday, July 10, 2009

Failed cakes

It has been a pretty ordinary week at work. The weather is not so good anymore (rain showers and partly sunny), and it's bearable to sit at my desk. We have started on the summer projects, and it's not fun. I sit and compare about 5000 printouts from the database with a card catalog. Very boring. The others got their share of tasks: one got the long term project of moving about 20 000 meters of books and another is scanning an entire set of a journal which started around 1890.

Yesterday evening I made an attempt at baking cupcakes and failed. I started baking according to the recipe and discovered that the wheat flour was outdated. I couldn't use it, so I had to walk across town to the store. They were out of flour! How is it possible not to have such a basic food item in stock?! I had to walk even further to the other store to get it. Back home I continued baking and decided to add pieces of strawberries. The result was not good. I claim that there was something wrong with the recipe, the cakes were not baked all through. I was supposed to treat my colleagues today, but they got bought cookies instead. They actually commented on it, because I always have homebaked ones.

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