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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Saturday I didn't do much, but Sunday was shopping day. I went by train and bus to Väla, a large mall outside Helsingborg. There is a special (and expensive) clothing store for the full sized woman, and it's affordable only during sales. I ended up with two pairs of jeans and a long tunic. I also found bargains in other stores, some tops mainly. One store had the offer of getting three pieces on sale and pay only for two, and annoyingly I found two pieces there that I wanted. After some searching I chose a skirt also.

Monday morning the work of exchanging the train tracks beween Malmö and Lund started. It was not a good day for the train operators in this region. The line is heavily used, and even though it is summer, the number of passengers is large. Instead of three trains an hour, there is now only one an hour for me to get to and from work. A significant change, since I have never had to bother about the schedule before. We will have to endure this arrangement for three weeks.

Since my father asked me to get a book for him about the area in southern Stockholm where he grew up, I also ordered some books I have been thinking about for a while. I got two cookbooks for myself, by the same authors (two sisters). I had one of their books on loan for several years, that's how interesting it is. Both books contain recipes for cookies, cakes, icecream and other sweets. Some examples: Southern pecan pie, Death by chocolate, Aunt Martha's secret almond & nougat cake and pop tarts. Definitely my kind of cookbook.

This evening I went by train from work to Helsingborg (45 minute ride) for the only reason to have dinner at Ebba's cafe. It's a well known cafe with everything in 1950s style. Posters with ads for soft drinks no longer in existence, real china plates and utensils from that era, a jukebox playing Elvis and old fashioned food. They have hamburgers, salads and sandwiches, in addition to a huge selection of homebaked cookies. I got a grilled chicken sandwich that was very nice. Pecan pie for dessert.

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