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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Projects at work

There are still problems with the trains, but it's not as bad as it could have been. During the summer there is the summer pass, which is much more affordable than the regular monthly card. The summer pass gives you 50 rides in Skåne, no matter the length of the trip. My monthly card is only valid between Kävlinge and Lund, so now I can go to other cities more easily. This year I haven't been to that many other places. The weather has been either too warm or too rainy. Right now it's cloudy and very windy, and I decided to stay at home.

We have a lot to do at work, because of all the extra projects. They hired three people to move some 40 000 books and they did that much faster than we expected. We had to come up with another task, so they are now out at a remote storage to unpack eight pallets with books. This means that we have to give them a ride there every morning, get them for lunch and pick them up at 3 in the afternoon. Lots of driving, and my boss who was supposed to do most of it got sick, so I have had a busy week. I have also tried to train the recent employee to manage retrieval from the older collection, discarded unwanted books and several other things. Next week will be even worse, two of the most experienced colleagues will be away (one just got married and the other is a heavy metal fan who goes to Germany for a music festival every year).

In about a week Leroy Anderson's daughter Jane and her family will visit Sweden! They will arrive in Kristianstad on Saturday and spend about five days there. It will be great to see them again, and I really hope the weather improves until then.

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