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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vacation with fleamarkets

The weather has been good during my vacation, sunny and warm. Some days up to 30 centigrades, which is a lot. The long weekend at the summer house with the rest of the family was nice. I basically sat in the sun, went to the beach, solved crossword puzzles and was served food. The others worked (the moss on the roof had to be removed), but I somehow managed to avoid all of that.

Wednesday morning my mother and I went by bus, train and one more bus to get to a small town in northern Skåne, Vittsjö. We visited some relatives there. They have their old family farm as vacation house. They took us on a tour of the area, it's pretty with lakes and forests. Thursday it rained so we went to Hässleholm on a flea market round. In the afternoon my mother and I went on by train to my apartment. Friday we made a trip to a place I have never been to before - the island of Ven. It's a ferry ride away from Landskrona, it takes 30 minutes. Ven is a very picturesque place, situated in between Denmark and Sweden. It's mainly farmland with small restaurants, amazing views, a medieval church and the Tycho Brahe museum. Tycho Brahe was a Danish astronomer who lived 1546-1601. We walked or took the small bus to get around the island. The ice-cream made locally was very tasty.

Saturday we went to Lund to the fleamarket along the esplanade, where people sell household items, books, children's clothes and toys and much else. Sunday we went to yet another fleamarket, this time in Malmö. I found a long tunic there, very affordable. We continued on by train to Ikea and a fabric store, and then back to another train station to see the fairly new mall called Emporia. My mother had never been there, so we went through most of it. We only made some small purchases (I got a living room lamp and kitchen curtains), but it was still interesting to visit.

Monday the weather started changing, with dark clouds and rain showers. We still went on a trip to the place furthest south in Sweden, Skanör-Falsterbo. It's on the southwest corner of Skåne and I can't remember ever having been there either. It took an hour and a half to get there by train and bus. It's mainly a summer town with beaches and we didn't really see much. We just had pizza and then went to Lund to get some good ice-cream. Today my mother was tired from all the walking, and she went back to the summer house. I'm at work to do some research, and I was told I was missed. I try to ignore it.

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