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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Festival in Malmö

It seems like the nice summer weather is gone for this season. Last Wednesday it rained very much, with heavy thunder storms. I stayed inside the entire day. Thursday was the last day on the summer pass on trains and buses, so I went to my favorite mall, Väla. It's outside Helsingborg. There were some new stores, and all places had end of summer sales. Got a new cushion for my couch and some small things. The department store Åhléns sold a set of school supply with images of old books. Even though I don't go to school anymore, I thought it was appropriate for a librarian to have, so I got some folders. Friday I had to go to work to administrate the social club activities. I do my best to hide when I'm at work to use the computer, but my colleagues spot me anyway. I had to solve some issues with books they hadn't been able to find.

There is a street/music/cultural festival going on in Malmö and I went Sunday afternoon. There are all sorts of food inspired by kitchens all over the world and street vendors selling necklaces, bags and candy. You can get mooseburger and many variations of kebabs, for instance. There are several outdoor music stages and I watched the concert orchestra performing popular classics and movie themes. It was also a music crossword puzzle at the same time, and I participated, of course. Haven't heard if I won any prizes, but it was fun anyway, despite the pouring rain. Most of this week I have been very lazy and stayed at home, apart from visiting the new local grocery store. Today I went to the archive and did some research. I have vacation also this week, but I will "work" tomorrow. The social club is arranging a bus excursion to Denmark.

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