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Thursday, August 1, 2013

First vacation week

Last week was the last at work for a while. We got the chance of hiring the movers to continue the project that was interrupted by the fire alarm problems earlier, so they are now re-arranging a book collection at the main library. They are still working on it, one of my colleagues took over as manager during my absense.

The first real vacation week has been warm and sunny for the most part. Up to 29 centigrades some days - hot. I have enjoyed sitting on the balcony. I have made some short trips, to Landskrona and Lund. I hadn't been in Landskrona (a town 15 minutes away by train) in ages. It's kind of a cute town, but there is not so much to see or do there. Several of the souvenir stores were closed, so there were only the usual chain stores open.

The vacation so far has also been used to do research for others and clean the apartment thoroughly. Especially the last thing was an ordeal, doing hard work in this climate is not recommended. Later today I'm going to the summer house for about a week, and I hope the ocean is warm enough for a swim.

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