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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas holiday

The week before Christmas there was yet another party at work. It was arranged by the library administration and it was a fun event. There was a world premiere of a movie..... The girls working in the stacks got an idea for a film about the library ghost, the Black Lady. We did a five minute scary semi-real ghost story with a colleague in black clothes and white face walking around in the dark stacks. I was the narrator of the film, telling the tragic tale of the Black Lady, whose spirit lingers at the library. At least that's what the legend says. We were eight happy amateurs, most of whom had no clue about filmmaking whatsoever, and it turned out great! It was really fun to do the movie, and it attracted a lot of attention. We had managed to keep this a secret to most of our colleagues, so they didn't know what to expect.

The Christmas holiday was very nice and unusually long this season. I took only two days off and got eleven days of leave in total. Christmas Eve I took the train to Göteborg. We had the traditional meal with lots of herring, meatballs, sausages, cheeses, roasted ham, salmon and this year several people had baked their own crispbread. All was very tasty. In these commercial times, the presents are important. I got a few Fair Trade items, like cocoa and chocolate. Also a bright yellow ceramic Dalahorse, that my mother had found somewhere. I also got a ticket to go and see a musical in March. At the after-Christmas sales I bought two tops, one of which only cost 1 SEK (club member price). My mother and I went by bus to Alingsås, a small town with cute houses, one day. There were some nice stores where we got Christmas ornaments for less than half the original price. (My Christmas tree is now so overloaded that it's leaning slightly)...

After spending about a week with my family, I returned home Sunday. I got sick during the holidays, my mother had a cold that I also contracted. It's the third cold I have had in about two months. These last few days, including New Years Eve, I have mostly cleaned the apartment, washed some blouses, cooked food and watched TV. The weather is wet and all snow is gone, so it's rather boring here now. It added to the gloom when I had to start working again today. We were two people to do all the work in the stacks. The movers have started on a new section of books at the largest storage. They will manage a lot on their own for several weeks.

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