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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cold beginnings

January is a difficult month, for several reasons. It's very cold here right now. Yesterday I had four tops and two pairs of mittens on. It's also very dark, even though there is some snow again. The trains do actually run normally (so far).

I have bought very little at the sales this month, which is unusual. I got some Christmas ornaments very cheaply. On the last visit to the mall I stocked up on shampoo and such things. No clothes! I have now removed the seasonal items in my apartment. It's a pretty big job since I have quite a lot. This time I decided to reduce the amount, and I will give some ornaments away.

There is lots to do at work. The library boss wanted to see what we actually do in the stacks, so she went with me for half a day. I gave her a tour of the stacks and showed her the new one, which she had only seen when it was empty. The movers have placed about 75% of the material there now. This last section of science journals was easy to move. It's bound journals or individual issues in boxes, and all is housed in the same storage, so they have moved it very quickly.

I have received several requests for research lately. Some of them rather interesting, and all about emigrants. I was asked to locate two women in America, their last name was Svensson here... Very common name, but I did it. I was lucky to get the town name from the passengerlist. The marriage records for that state (MA) are very detailed, even giving parents names, so I found them. I do recommend www.familysearch.org, there are huge amounts of databases. I also use www.findagrave.com a lot.

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