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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are rather busy at work at this time of year. The students return all their books before the holidays. It's a favorable Christmas with only two working days next week. Very few people will be here then. I have given the movers time off those two days, so that also I could get vacation. I'm going to Göteborg like usual on Monday morning (by train) and will spend about a week with my family in that area. There is very little snow left, it melted again. It's more like a normal winter here now, just above freezing and rainy. It's dark and boring. (The movers are happy about the absence of snow, though).

This years' Christmas present from work was a set of four ceramic bowls. Not that exciting, but might be useful. My father and his girlfriend came to visit this Sunday to give me a present too. I already knew it was a frying pan, but they had still wrapped it carefully. We went to the mall to get some small things. My father helped me repair the shower glass base that I had injured my foot on earlier. The wound has healed fairly well and I don't have to walk with sandals anymore.

This week I have been shopping for more presents, but I still have some left to buy. I can usually come up with ideas for this, but not this year. I did get myself a present though - two pairs of new glasses!

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and all the best for the holidays! Thank you for the Christmas letters I have received from near and far! I have sent out my annual letter by e-mail. If I have forgotten anyone, please remind me.

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