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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shopping weekend

Yet another week filled with work. We got an intern, who is going to do shelving a few hours a week. It will be a little help, but at the same time one staff member was taken from the stacks part time to do other tasks. This is usually what happens to my staff members. They prove to be too useful, so they are moved to other departments.

There were two birthdays celebrated at work this past week, for one 30 and one 50 year old. We got a nice chocolate cake for the Friday coffee. I was also asked to join some colleagues for a lunch to celebrate the 50 year old. Very nice events, especially since three retirees showed up for the lunch. My former boss expressed concern (again) about the development in the stacks when he wasn't there anymore.

My niece also had a birthday this week, her 2nd. I didn't attend the party, but my mother had arranged to give her a present from me.

The weather has prevented me from doing any extensive shopping trips lately. This weekend it was a better climate, so I went to the mall in Lund yesterday and to Helsingborg today. The latter mall has increased even more in size since I was there last. There are about 180 shops now. Plus several large stores like Ikea just next to it. A shopping heaven. It seems like the spring collections haven't arrived yet, because there weren't many new clothes. Some still had sales on the clothes from last year. I did make some purchases, but nothing excessive. Just a top and some decorative items.

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