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Sunday, February 12, 2012

More channels

Not so cold here anymore, just about freezing temperature out and a fair amount of snow. I planned on going to Helsingborg this morning, but when I saw what the weather was like and heard the announcement signal from the train station, I stayed in bed. The signal indicates train problems. I can't hear the actual announcement from home, but that signal is enough to change my plans. We have another cable-TV provider for the five buildings in this block now, and when I finally got it to work (the janitor had to come and fix it), it was an improvement. I got a few more channels to watch. I especially like the Animal Planet, where they had a countdown of the cutest cats caught on camera this weekend. Adorable. The sports of the season are also broadcast (on several channels), so I have been watching cross country skiing and biathlon a little. The Swedes are doing pretty well in these sports, for natural reasons.

The week at work was tough. Three meetings and one desk duty. I also showed a group of architects around in the library. We want to have an addition built, and the architects were curious to see what the main building looks like, both inside and outside. The preparations for the big book move are gearing up. This past week I got a large container placed at a storage, so that I could throw away duplicates from the foreign language collection. We have to downsize the number of books to move, and there is really no use keeping these duplicates. It took two days to fill the container, so I have asked for another one.

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