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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eventful week at work

The week at work included a great variety of events. Some very nice and one not good at all. The lenten bun we got Tuesday was tasty and the (second) party for the 50-year old Friday afternoon was worth going to. I even got some left-over food with me.

The computers are in the process of being exchanged at work, and this is causing a few problems. I didn't particularly like it, because they were also upgraded. Most people would have a very different opinion about this. The technician gave me a strange look when I said I didn't want a new computer. He installed one anyway, and it didn't take long before strange things happened. Files that I had deleted years ago suddenly re-appeared, our database wouldn't accept added information (this was the worst) and all the extra databases I have on the desktop disappeared. It will take a while to get things in working order again. I already know that some files are gone forever. Very annoying.

The not so good incident happened Thursday. I was at a remote storage to retrieve books. The compact shelving system, which normally is run with electricity, had broken down. I had to move the shelves manually (with sheer force and a crowbar!). This is not for the weak, a shelve section can weigh up to 2000 kilos. One section is about seven meters long and made of metal, with books on both sides. Apparently, I am pretty strong, because I managed to tip one entire section over. It would be inappropriate to quote anything I said at that moment. All the books fell out of it. I couldn't raise the section again (it's too long), so I had to give up and return to the library. Two of my colleagues (very strong guys) were persuaded to assist in getting the section up again. Some of the books were damaged, but the shelves were ok.

This weekend the weather has been ok; windy, but sunny. We are waiting for spring, I have seen crocus already blooming. I have spent most of the weekend house-cleaning. It was necessary, I noticed that I had been sneezing a lot lately. I also recycled some cardboard and plastic, and went grocery shopping.

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