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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mostly shopping

The last blog entry was delayed due to technical issues with a computer. This will be a rather short entry relating the events the last few days.

Wednesday I was dropped off at the train station and took the train to Chicago in the morning. I spent the day doing research at the Newberry Library again. I got quite a lot of help from the librarian there, she just wouldn't give up. Got several new details about people I'm researching.

Thursday and Friday Nancy and I went shopping at just about every thrift store there is in the local area. She found lots to buy, but I had to limit my purchases because of weight restrictions on the next flight. I got some Christmas ornaments. We also went to see a movie, The Help. I have heard people here talk about both the book and the movie, and I'm glad I got to see it. It was definitely worth seeing. It gave an interesting picture of the situation in the Southern USA in the 1960s. The Help refers to the black domestic servants working for the wealthy white families. A young white woman wants to write about the way the maids are being treated by their employees, and the stories she gets to hear finally end up in a book.

Friday evening Nancy, Rich and I went to Rockford. We met Nancy's sister Joyce and her husband Pat at a restaurant. After a very nice meal, I went with Joyce and Pat to the festival area in downtown Rockford. (Nancy and Rich returned to their place). There were live bands playing at three different stages, food vendors, carousels and lots of people out having a good time. We listened to a blues band and a country band, before we headed home to Joyce and Pat's place late evening.

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