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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back in Sweden

I have returned safely to my home in Sweden early this morning. The last day in New York it was raining very much, so I skipped the idea of going to a show. Wednesday morning I checked out and went to the airport. The first flight (5 hours) was not even half full, so there was lots of room. I got three seats to myself. The second flight was very full, however, but it was shorter (3 hours). Everything went well. I arrived in Copenhagen at 6 AM local time. It is now afternoon and I'm trying to stay awake until this evening. If I make it to 8 PM it will be 32 hours. We'll see if there is enough chocolate and pepsi to keep my eyes open that long. (The record is close to 40 hours).

I have unpacked and all I'm saying is that I will not need to go clothes shopping for a few years. At least not for summer clothes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one I met during my visit to the US; for driving me places, housing me, showing me around, feeding me and letting me take part of your lives! It was a great experience, I have had a wonderful time!

Saturday I'm going to the summer house to visit my mother and then some time next week I will help her move back to her apartment in Borås.

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