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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Back to work

The end of last week was spent shopping and doing research. On Thursday I went to Ystad by train and noticed that they had changed the schedule, so the trip is now 40 minutes shorter than before. I didn't have to change trains in Malmö, like before, so that was a good thing. Ystad is a nice town, even in the fall. Fewer tourists at this time. On the way back the train stopped at a station near Ikea, so that was the next stop. I got some plastic boxes there and looked at the new collections. There is also a fabric store in that area that sells affordable sewing materials. It's a nice store and I did get some fabric there. We'll see if I get time and opportunity to make something out of it.

Friday I ran errands in town. Saturday I went to the archive to use the databases I don't have access to from home. It answered a few questions for other people. Sunday I went to the library to use the computer and do more research. I am starting to catch up on things now. There are still unanswered requests, but nothing that can't wait.

Yesterday was the first working day for seven weeks. Several of my colleagues sighed with relief when they saw me. They have had a tough time, with staff members sick and lots of incoming requests. I had to attend two meetings right away, none of them gave any real results. The piles of papers on my desk were looked at, but not processed. These two days I have mainly talked to people and straightened out some problems. Other people's problems, that is. It was slightly annoying to realize that I had forgotten the entry code to one of the locked book collections, but I guess it means that I have really been on vacation, both physically and mentally.

It will just be two working days this week, because tomorrow I'm going to Göteborg to attend a conference. I will take the opportunity to see my mother again this weekend, since it's close to Borås.

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