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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Train delays

This evening's train delays were not of historic proportions, but they caused a whole lot of problems for people. Especially for those coming from southern Sweden and were going to the airport in Copenhagen to catch a flight. It took two and a half hours for me to get home (normally it takes 10-20 minutes). All of the trains were cancelled for several hours due to a massive computer error. I learned a lot from that memorable day in January 2006 when there was a snowstorm and my boss had to drive in to Lund to get me. I now know what other ways there are to get home, so I took a bus to the mall Center Syd and waited there for about an hour for the bus to Kävlinge. It was a detour with opportunities for shopping. I found an umbrella at half price off the sales price, so it was really cheap.

This Sunday I removed all the Christmas ornaments and changed the curtains. It's a little sad to put it away, I have enjoyed the decorated tree and the lights for a while now.

My mother called me yesterday. She had been shopping furniture at Ikea and is comfortable in her apartment in Borås. She has started to do volunteer work a few days a week at a second hand/flea market store nearby. It's definitely her kind of thing and they were so happy to get more staff (especially since my mother is very experienced). She takes care of the clothes section. It's a place that gives clothes and the surplus money from the sales to poor people in Russia and the Baltic states.

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