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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I forgot to write about some events that also happened this past week. Tuesday I did like millions of other people around the world: watched the Presidential inauguration on TV. A historic event that was shown live on half of the 12 channels I can watch. I would say he has a power of speech that the previous president lacked. I hope that the change he has referred to will happen.

Wednesday I went swimming in the indoor pool in Lund for the first time this year. The water was pretty cold and the sauna wasn't even near as hot as it should, but I still plan on going swimming there about once a week.

I got two desk duties this week, and there were a few things to do. It seems like the scholars have started on new projects this semester. French 18th century literature, Swedish books on linguistics from the same era and images of Death in 17th century books were some of the topics.

Friday I got an unpleasant letter from my bank. They said my credit card number might have been used in an attempted fraud, and they sent me a new card. I immediately checked the balance on the account, but found nothing unusual. I did, however, move most of that money to my savings account instead (no card connected to that one).

This weekend has been a slow one. I have cleared out the cupboard in the kitchen and thrown away outdated food (almonds with expiration date October 2007, for example). It was also laundry Sunday.

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