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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A new year

I spent New Year's Eve at a friend's place here in Kävlinge. It was just Eva and I, and we had a very tasty salmon for dinner and then we watched a dvd with a stand-up comedy performer from Skåne. A very funny guy. About 15 minutes before 2008 became 2009, we went outside in the bitterly cold weather to watch the fireworks. Even for a small town like Kävlinge there are lots of fireworks. The financially bad times were not that apparent this holiday, the stores sold more than ever before and it seems like people bought at least the same amount of fireworks as before also.

The first day of the new year my mother called me in the morning and said she intended on visiting about an hour later. I didn't quite expect that, so was in a hurry cleaning the floors and tidying up the messy areas in the apartment. She brought my aunt Elna also, and a fairly large number of houseplants. She can't bring all her plants to Borås, so she let me have some of them, hoping they will survive. We'll see about that. I'm not known for watering my plants that often. My mother also brought the remaining items from the Leroy Anderson exhibits (books, flags, LP:s and decorations). While they were here, I borrowed her car to go grocery shopping and then we had dinner (shrimp and pasta).

Friday I had to work and it was a pretty slow day. I drove to all the remote storages to retrieve books and there were no other people there, it was dark and locked everywhere. Few other libraries were open, and I really don't see why we would have to be. In the afternoon I went to a mall, Nova, in Lund, but there was very little shopping done. It was packed with people, but I didn't find much to buy. I came home with toothpaste and a book entitled Chocolate : 365 irresistible temptations.

Today I haven't done much, apart from roasting a ham and cooking for the future lunch boxes.

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