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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Last days of the vacation

Friday I went by train to Copenhagen. Not to do anything special, just visit a big city. I had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, a very tasty baconburger. The dessert was pretty tasty too; hot fudge brownie sundae. After that I went on a short train ride to a huge mall called Field's. I didn't shop that much actually, only some clothes at H&M.

Saturday I went to the regional archive in Lund. All the information I had gathered in Växjö needed further checking. It will take a long time to go through all of it. I stopped by at work also, to look at some books where Önnestad emigrants were supposed to be mentioned. One of the later emigrants, Ivar Jepson, who left Önnestad in 1925, became an inventor in Chicago. He invented kitchen appliances (one was called Sunbeam Mixmaster). It's interesting to learn what happened to the ones who emigrated. Of course, most of them never made it to the history books in their new country.

Today is Sunday and the last day before work starts again. I can't really say that I'm looking forward to it. It has been a vacation filled with activities, research and travelling. My to-do list is still very long (four pages), and I would have needed several weeks longer vacation.

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