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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy weekend

I'm exhausted. My mother spent the weekend here with me in Kävlinge. We have really worked hard. We spent most of Saturday at Ikea and a fabric store in Malmö. I bought a new armchair, a flower rack and some pots and plants. Today we went about 10 km north from here and shopped extensively at the three flea market stores in Marieholm. We found some great bargains. I found a 78 record with Leroy Anderson's Blue Tango! It must be unusual in Sweden. At the first place we filled a large paper bag with stuff and payed 50 SEK - very cheap. My mother was happy to find a lid to her frying pan. I bought some pieces of fabric and buttons in large boxes.

Apart from shopping, we also cleaned the apartment very thoroughly, planted some flowers, washed and replaced curtains, assembled the armchair and flower rack, put the balcony furniture up in the attic for the winter, re-arranged some decorations and sorted our flea market finds. It has been a really busy weekend.

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