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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busy week

It has been a busy week. Since it was the first working week after the vacation, there was a lot to catch up on. The others in my department (the stacks) had managed well, the projects I had given them were almost finished. We have a huge job in front of us - we are going to move about 38 000 shelf meters of books from four different locations into one large new facility some time late next year (at least we hope so, because it hasn't been built yet). The planning process for this is going to be very long. We started making inventory of the collections early Summer and we are basically done with that now. The next step is to decide in what order the books will be moved.

Friday evening I travelled home to my mother's place in Yngsjö. My sister, her husband and 2-year old son John had arrived there Thursday. My mother cooked a very tasty dinner (like she always does), this time it was chanterelle pie. She had picked the chanterelles herself. Saturday Anette and Oscar went to a wedding in the western part of Skåne. Anette was going to be the photographer. My mother and I took care of John. We went for lunch at Furuboda (great buffet), but John, who usually has a big appetite, surprised us by falling asleep in the chair before eating the food. So we had to stay there for a while, waiting for him to wake up again. In the afternoon we went to the railway museum in Kristianstad. There was an extensive display, not only of trains, but also of old military vehicles, police cars, old tractors and buses. John was very fascinated by all this. We went for rides in an old train and a bus from 1952. It was bumpy, but interesting. Later, we continued to Vinslöv to visit a friend of my mother's, Majlis. We had evening meal there. We also received a plum tree to give to Anette.

Today (Sunday) we travelled to Kävlinge. We had been in my apartment for only about ten minutes when Anette and Oscar arrived too. We had lunch here, and then the others left for Borås. My mother left her car here for me to use, and since they went already at 3 p. m., I decided to go to the mall. Not that I needed anything special, but still. I went grocery shopping at the cheap store called Willy's. Since I don't have a car of my own, it's difficult to buy canned goods and other heavy things like bags of flour and sugar. So now I really filled up the cupboards.

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