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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Work issues

Friday evening I returned to the summerhouse to spend the weekend. My sister and her family were still there, although the guys went off to sports camp those days. On the Saturday I went to a fleamarket with my sister but we didn't get much. The weather was very varied with lots of clouds and pretty intense rain showers. (It still is). Sunday I had to ride one bus and three trains in order to get home again. It took most of the afternoon and evening.

Monday morning I was at work early because at 8 AM two students arrived in the stacks. We need to move some books again. It's folio format journals. Luckily it's all on the same floor so the distance is short. The students seemed to understand the job and started right away.

Apart from this I have spent much of the work week looking for books my colleagues couldn't find. There were some challenging cases. It took three attempts to find one of them. It had a call number I had never seen before (which is remarkable as I have worked there for almost 20 years). We have also  rearranged the pick-up system for the patrons. We used to place the requested books by patron name but we have now changed it to a number system instead. Needless to say it didn't function to 100% from the start but we are working on it. There are fewer staff members everywhere now so I get more storage rounds and more desk duties at this time of year. We also get more requests from hobby researchers in the summer. These tasks can be quite difficult since those researchers are not familiar with our catalogues and often they need several shelf meters of material at once.

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