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Thursday, July 14, 2016

More work issues

Last Friday my former boss came to visit. He hadn't seen the new office space so I brought him on a short tour of it. He was rather impressed. We also talked about all the book moves in the stacks and storages.

I got some back problems last week so I decided to take it easy this past weekend. I only did some minor chores like going to the recycle place with paper and plastic. There was also sport to watch on TV, it was the European championships in athletics. The night between Sunday and Monday there was a very impressive rainstorm with thunder and lightning. It kept me up for several hours. When I arrived at work in the morning I was met by a colleague saying there was water on the floor in the stacks. Because of the repairs to the lunchroom they had removed part of the concrete floor (which is the ceiling in the stacks). This rainstorm had produced so much water that it went through the covers and poured down the walls and even through the ceiling. There was water on two floors of the stacks and it had damaged eight shelf meters of books. All that is now frozen, in order to save it. Yesterday part of the ceiling fell down where the water had been so this will take a lot of work to repair, I think.

This week I have been to the storage four times in total and it's not good for my back problems. In addition to retrieving books we have done some much needed shelving. Part of the electrical shelving system has been down for two weeks and a few patrons are still waiting for their books. The shelves are stuck and we can't move them by hand, unfortunately. This morning my colleague who had arrived at the storage called me to say that the entire building (in fact the entire area) had no electricity. We can't retrieve any of the books there today. It seems to be a complicated problem as it happened several hours ago and it's still not fixed. And as if these problems weren't enough, one of the servers hosting several critical systems at the library is down. And all the technicians are on vacation. But we carry on as best we can.

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