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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Long weekend at the summerhouse

It was a short and intense work week. I crammed in two storage rounds, one meeting and one desk duty in three days. Thursday was a holiday and I managed to avoid working on the Friday. Wednesday evening I went by train and bus to the summerhouse in the evening. My mother and sister plus kids arrived later that same evening. We spent this extended weekend doing lots of things. The weather was very good with temperatures around 18-20 centigrades and a clear blue sky. My sister and I went to a fleamarket and got a few things (books, egg cup, oven tin). One day we went to a nature preserve fairly close by to have a picnic. We spotted some sand lizards and birds of prey there. Very nice to visit. Later we had ice-cream at Kivik further south. One day we visited my mother's friends, who treated us to a marvelous rhubarb pie.

At the summerhouse we also did some work. My mother wants to paint the guest cottage this summer and as a preparation for that we had to scrub it clean. It was an ordeal. My nephew sweeped the roof and the rest of us scrubbed with (very cold) water and brushes. My nephew also mowed the lawn. So it was sort of a working holiday. We did get the chance to relax in the sun and play with the kids too. I returned home around noon today by a different way than normal. It required three train rides to get home because the main train line was closed due to track repairs.

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