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Sunday, May 1, 2016


The week at work contained three meetings and two storage rounds. In addition to this, my department has a new boss. It's a guy who had the same job a few years ago, so we don't think it will be a revolution of any kind. We were also visited by a woman from the university who is in ergonomics. She wanted to know what our job is like from a physical point of view. She checked how we moved our bodies when we retrieve books and what equipment (carts, ladders, boxes) we have to assist us in the work. She went with us to the storage also. We already know what the challenges are but she wanted to get it down on paper. We get whatever equipment we ask for but we still have to lift the heavy boxes with books from the cart to the car and vice versa.

Over the weekend it was the number one drinking day among the students in Lund. They party in the city park on the last day of April and attendance is usually around 25 000. It takes some efforts from the police and city offices to keep everything and everybody safe. This year it was on a Saturday but the chilly weather meant that it was like a normal event (according to the police) and everybody survived. I made the wise decision to stay as far away from Lund this weekend as possible. I went in the opposite direction, to Helsingborg. I went to my favorite mall, Väla. I had lunch at Ikea and bought some house plants there. At the mall I did some clothes shopping, two tunics and a summer dress.

Today is May 1st (Labor Day) and it's the day for political speeches and demonstrations. I stayed indoors, because this doesn't interest me. I attended to my flowers and spent some time solving crossword puzzles. Up until about now it has been rather cold here. So cold that I had to get my winter coat out again. It was pretty wild weather last week with hail storms and high winds. It has become milder now, it was about 15 centigrades today and rather sunny.

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