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Friday, March 18, 2016

Lots of shelving

These past two weeks have been rather busy although the number of requests have decreased. We have done many other things than retrieving books. Last week I brought one of the recent employees to the remote storage for the first time. I gave her the guided tour of our two storage facilities. We also did some much needed shelving. All of us in the stacks have taken turns going there to shelve, as the situation was very strained. We piled books on carts and tables because there was no room anywhere else. I also brought the most recent employee to the storage today. It was not my favorite place to spend a Friday afternoon but it was necessary. We were three people and we got a fair amount done.

At the main library I have come to the end of my part of the reference collection weeding project. I went through the bibliographies. It was challenging, as my knowledge about those books isn't that great. But I asked the others for a second opinion when I was in doubt. This project is supposed to end soon, but we have only reviewed perhaps 10% of the entire collection. We were not expected to do more right now, because it's a huge undertaking that will take years. The project of weeding the journals on open shelves is basically also over. I moved about 150 meters to stacks and made all the changes in our database. I have one thing left to do and that's a list (mostly for the staff) of the titles that remain on the open shelves.

The weather indicates that spring is on the way. There are many flowers blooming in the park in front of the library already. It's still rather cold, around 3-5 centigrades. It has been sunny the past few days, which is very nice after that long and dark winter.

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