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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Busy Tuesday

Last week was like usual, mostly work and not much to report. The storage round car broke down but we were not affected as the janitor got a rental car for us immediately. They tried to explain what was wrong but I didn't really listen. They fixed it in a few days. Apart from work, the only significant event was the much needed hair cut I got last Wednesday. Afterwards I treated myself to a chicken pizza at the local establishment.

I spent the weekend at work. No surprise there. I actually devoted some time on my own ancestors for a change. Normally it's mostly research for others. The information I had on my ancestors until about the year 1800 was gathered many (20+) years ago. At that time you did research by going to the archive and using microfiche. Today it's easier with access on the computer screen. Also, by now many people have posted their research online and I found several clues from those sites posted by distant relatives. I reviewed my grandmother's side of the family and found more details to enter on the charts. Her ancestors lived in Småland, Blekinge and Skåne provinces.

This week some noteworthy things have happened at work. Especially on the Tuesday. The statistics were handed in that day - on the very last day. We are wondering every year if any one would actually read it. The same day a new employee started working in the stacks. I had no chance showing him anything as I was incredibly busy. He was introduced later and began retrieving books on the fourth floor (where all new employees start). Also on Tuesday the project group dealing with the reference collection had invited librarians from the faculties to discuss the project. In the beginning everything went wrong. The computer wouldn't work properly so the technician had to come. The coffee and cookies didn't show up as expected and that made people nervous. (If you invite people to a meeting it's more likely they will attend if you offer coffee - a well known fact here). But the meeting went really well, the discussion we hoped for was interesting and the input we got was positive. And I had desk duty that day too. I don't know how I survived it. Today was a little easier; one storage round and one meeting.

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