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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Guided food tour

The week at work was not as busy as the previous one. The number of requests is lower at the end of the semester. I attended five meetings, had desk duty for the last time in many months, went to a medical institution to look at a book collection we will take care of and attended a party for a retiree. The last thing was the most fun.

Thursday afternoon I made use of the last event ticket I got for my birthday. It was a guided tour of the indoor food market. It's rather small and I expected it to be a short tour. I was slightly wrong. It took us 2 hours and 20 minutes to eat our way through the entire market, while we listened to the entertaining guide. We got samples of food everywhere. We started at the fish dealer and he offered fresh oysters. I hesitated, but then decided to try it and survived. At the other places we got seafood wrap, chicken, sushi, thai food, sausage, mushroom soup, cheese and cookies and chocolate for dessert. All of it very high quality. It was marvelous food, I especially liked the soup and wrap plus the desserts. Most of us made purchases.

This weekend I spent some time at work to write on the book. I have most of the text, so the job is mainly to edit it and rearrange the paragraphs. The book will probably be around 80 pages. This weekend I also managed to squeeze in visits to two different malls. The results were one tunic and hygiene products.

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