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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Balcony flowers

The week at work was rather varied. Several meetings, like usual. Apart from the normal routines, I have made preparations for a workshop in June, I was asked to evaluate a library service and I unpacked two boxes with microfilms. I spent the weekend at work to add the information I found at the Vadstena archive to the book about Arndt. I didn't quite finish it, mainly because my dear mother called and asked how to operate the TV remote control. A very difficult thing to answer if you don't actually see it in front of you, but after a while I found the instruction manual online and finally she could get the channels back on the screen. Speaking of TV, Sweden actually won the European Song Contest in Vienna yesterday. Impressive. My mother and I did see the Swedish contest live back in February where the final winner participated.

Locally, the biggest news is the opening of a new grocery store. I have been there and the reviews are mixed. It has a slightly higher price range than the other main grocery store and only time will tell if they can all survive. In favor of the new one, it's closer for me and has a fresh deli with personal service.

There are now some flowers on my balcony. My mother shared some of hers and then I got one more here. Blue and yellow ones in the large box and a pink one beside it. It looks pretty nice. The spring weather is rather cold for the season and it's way too early to spend any time on the balcony.

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