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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Housewarming party

The week at work was pretty intense. I doubled most of my regular chores because other people were absent. I had to drive the storage round twice. While I was there I managed to shelve the contents of 13 boxes also. It was video cassettes with interviews done more than 20 years ago. For some odd reason we have to store them, even though most of them probably can't be viewed anymore.

I have a tendency to get involved in other colleague's projects. Either by invitation or accident. Friday I was asked to join some colleagues who were going to pick up some books at an estate. The owner of a printing house had passed away and he had wished our library to get his personal books. We couldn't take all of them (he had hundreds of shelf meters in his apartment and a basement storage), but we picked out a total of 16 boxes. I was invited on the last visit to scan the remaining shelves to look for books we didn't have. I added to the load by about 20 books.

Thursday we had the annual social club meeting. I have been the chairwoman for a few years now and the meetings tend to get shorter and shorter. I think we broke last year's record and finished in 18 minutes. Afterwards we had a great buffet with salmon and shrimp.

Friday evening a colleague had invited eight of us for a housewarming party. He had made broccoli quiche and rhubarb pie, and we were all very impressed by all of it. We had a very good time and I came home rather late. The weekend has been slow, I did some washing and I brought down the balcony furniture. I have also washed the windows, which was very much in need.

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