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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter weekend

Last week at work was shorter than normal, we worked until Thursday afternoon. All the staff members in the stacks were pretty tired on Tuesday, after having shelved such a large number of books the previous day. Again, my back problems were clearly noticeable. Tuesday we also noticed that our dear colleagues hadn't succeeded in doing our job to 100% on the Monday, so we had some catching up to do. Mainly sorting returned books. I think I sorted six carts on the Tuesday, which is a lot for one day.

Friday I went to the summerhouse by train and bus. My mother and two of her friends were there. Easter is traditionally the time when painters, sculptors and other artists display their works to the public, either at open houses or gathered at a venue like a hotel lobby or community center. Saturday we went to Ă…hus to look at some of it. It was bitterly cold outside even though the sun was shining, so it was a short round. We did some garden work later, clearing away fallen branches and old leaves. Sunday was my birthday and several people came for afternoon coffee and cake. My aunt, my father and a few friends showed up. I got some nice presents also: three egg cups, a cushion (made by my mother), a kitchen towel, two event tickets, a bracelet (made by my mother from an elastic band and colorful buttons!), a toiletry bag and chocolate & candy. My father also brought the paintings he has which were painted by Arndt (his grandfather). I took photos of them, some will be included in the book I'm writing about Arndt.

Apart from this, Easter was a lot about eating. Swedes consume an enormous amount of boiled eggs during this weekend. We had eggs every day, plus lots of pickled herring, smoked salmon and Jansson's temptation (potato dish with anchovy). Today we visited some of my mother's friends for lunch - chicken. Not a single egg in sight! It tasted great though, especially the dessert, which was apple pie. I returned home this afternoon by train.

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