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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lots of tops

I finally got that bad cold all my colleagues have had. One week later, and I'm still sick. I worked the last three days of the week. There were meetings booked, and I basically just attended them. I heard the ephemera collection move started last Monday, and there had already been misunderstandings between the movers and the librarian. It was very unprofessional of me, but I just laughed at the librarian when he told me about it.

The first two months of the semester have been very tough at work and I wrote an evaluation of the plan I had done earlier. The outcome was pretty far away from the plan, that's all I'm saying. At the same time as I handed in the evaluation, I told my boss that it can't continue like this and I have to take vacation. It would kill my colleagues if that took effect immediately, so I said to count me out starting April 1st and the rest of the year. (Yes, I mean it). The reactions to this information were mixed...

On a completely different matter, I did some serious shopping this past week. There is a top that I got on mail order earlier that I liked so much that I now got the same one in three more colors. Also got a pair of black jeans, some underwear and a fluffy cardigan. A visit to my favorite mall resulted in a shirt and two tops.

The weather here is not particularly cold, it's 12-14 centigrades and not so much rain as would be expected for this season. But I hear there is a massive rain storm coming in from the southwest tonight, so that will change.

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