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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bowling event

Another busy week went by. The manager at the shelving company and the technician were at the storage to discuss the problems with us. They found several new issues that they didn't know about, and suggested that it's the programming that isn't right. Exactly what we have said the entire time. Incredible that it had to take this long for them to get it. No promises were made as to when this will be fixed.

I had a meeting with the colleagues who will be in charge of the ephemera collection move, which will start mid October. My book moving experience is extensive, and I gave them some hints and suggestions to make their move easier. I also had a meeting which resulted in some less favorable things. I have to find space for 1000 meters of folio format books somewhere. I'm still working on that.

Tuesday evening we had the annual dinner and bowling event in Malmö. Great food in Scandinavian style; salmon, herring and several kinds of meat. The bowling tournament was won by one of the recently employed guys, who said he was just lucky to get three strikes in a row.

The hard work shelving at the storage continues. There is still a backlog, but we are beginning to get it under control. Thursday I had to get treatment by the chiropractor and that was not pleasant. The week ended in a good way, with Cinnamon Bun Day. Yes, we have such an official day. I helped myself to more than one bun. After such a week I needed it.

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