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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Copenhagen trip

Wednesday they had hired retired librarians to attend the desk and all the regular staff members (more than 60) went on a trip to Copenhagen. We divided up in groups and went to visit different libraries or related institutions. I went to the Danish State Archive. They keep historical records since their country was formed and on. It is the place to go if you want to find your Danish ancestors. They have posted an enormous amount of records online on their website, free for everyone to look at. Starting point: http://www.sa.dk/content/us/ We visited their rather new storage facility in central Copenhagen. It was gigantic, 14 meters high and accessible only through an electric movable lift. Very interesting to compare with our storage. The staff showed us very old documents, letters and maps. Peace treaties from the wars Denmark and Sweden fought in the 1600s and a coronation document from 1497, for instance. We also discussed digitization, making the historic document available to everyone, conservation and restoration methods, storage space and how costly all of it is. It was one of the most interesting visits to another library/archive I have ever done. We have so many issues in common.

After a sandwich lunch we took the metro to the new aquarium, the Blue Planet, close to the airport. It opened this spring and it's very popular. They have large tanks with all sorts of fish; sharks, piranhas, electric eels, flat ray-fish with long tails, and species that didn't even have names in our language. There were also sealions, snakes and colorful frogs. I only stayed about an hour, then I took the metro to a mall. There is a plus size clothing store there, and I found a nice top at a very affordable price. Plus size clothes are actually cheaper in Denmark, and there is more to chose from than in Sweden.

Apart from this, the week at work was not pleasant. There was very much to do. The semester starts on Monday. The only good thing was the fact that the movers cleaned the new storage very thoroughly and we are grateful for it. It was the last task they had here for a while, the next move will start in October, probably.

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