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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend at the summer house

The trip to Holland was unfortunately cancelled. My mother was not feeling well, so we couldn't go. She travelled down from Borås, so we took the train and bus to the summer house on Thursday instead. She was supposed to have moved there right after the trip anyway. We engaged in work in the yard (mowing the long grass was a challenge). We got the lawn furniture out and got the house ready for summer. Saturday we went by bus to one of the fleamarket stores in Åhus, and then we met two of my mother's friends there, who drove us home. We took the opportunity to go grocery shopping also, since they gave us a lift. My mother sold her car last year, so she will have to make it without one now.

Sunday I returned home. This is a short work week (3 days), but several things have already happened. Today the movers contacted me and said that they couldn't use the loading door because of asphalt work. They got stuck in the wet asphalt and couldn't reach the door with the truck. So now all seven of them are working at the main library, with some small projects. A few collections will be moved to other floors of the same building.

Yesterday was the first visit I made to the new storage since the start of the move. I actually haven't had time to see it before. The first thing I noticed was the fact that it needs cleaning. The floors were very dirty. This is because of the carts being transported back and forth in the corridor. The move seems to be going well. There are waiting times  in between deliveries, but there isn't much to do about that. They were running low on bookends (a very important detail), so I packed three boxes when I got back to the main library. I had a meeting with the one in charge of economy and budget here, and he gave me a chart with numbers on. Very high numbers. It's apparently very expensive to hire movers for such a long time as we have to. Not to mention all the extra costs (new carts, ladders, office supplies and so on) we have had. But he was happy to report that the rent for the new facility is lower than the rent for all the old storages combined, and that was good to hear. When the move is done the old storages will be empty, so we will no longer rent those buildings.

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