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Friday, May 4, 2012

Weather change

The four days off work I didn't do much. That's probably why I have back problems now.

The weather changed from Sunday to Monday, so it's pretty warm and sunny. I finally brought the winter coats up to the attic after a very long, but not so fierce winter season. I spent some time on the balcony, admiring the green and blooming yard (and flower box). There is a very high level of pollen out, and that has affected also me, even though I'm not allergic. Several colleagues have colds, but I'm still doing ok.

The first working day was Wednesday and I went with the movers to a storage to retrieve the books on botany (120 meters). They were moved to the new facility pretty quickly, and then they started with books on economy, back at the main library again. The movers are managing quite well, it's at the breaks between collections when they need assistance. My boss had opinions about my time report for April, but it has really been necessary to work that much. I was able to leave early Thursday, so I went shopping in town.

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