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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last week before Christmas

The last part of the work week was rather slow. It seems like most people have gone home for the holiday. There were quite a few returns, though. We were just two staff members in the stacks today, and we managed very well.

This week we were treated to even more cookies. It was the last end-of-the-semester coffee with the current organization. I will get a new boss next year, and there will be a new boss for the entire library also. Lots of other changes have happened and will happen.

I have received some nice Christmas cards, both real ones and a few e-mails. It's fun to hear what people have been up to this past year, and how they will celebrate the holiday. I was surprised to get a card from one of the patrons at the library, mainly because I retrieved one book for her that she ended up not picking up. She praised me on my hard work - for one book! There are patrons asking for 50 books a week, and they never say thank you.

Today I did the very last of my Christmas shopping and it was an ordeal. There were huge amounts of people in town doing the same thing. This evening I have baked a few cookies to bring to Göteborg tomorrow. It didn't go so well, actually. I was sure of the fact that I had walnuts at home, but I didn't. I had to change the recipe a little and the cookies turned out to be thin and hard. They were supposed to be thick and chewy. I'm bringing them anyway. I will go by train in the morning, and will celebrate the holiday with my mother, sister & family and her in-laws. Return date is Wednesday.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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