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Monday, December 19, 2011

Great party

The amount of Christmas related events are increasing. Last week we had the traditional saffron bun for coffee one day, and Wednesday we were treated to the Christmas lunch with herring, ham, meatballs and a few other good things. Very nice, I must say.

The reorganization at work is progressing, we have now been told the library will get another boss in March. There will also be changes at the middle level. We have had quite a few meetings relating to these changes, one more boring than the other.

This past Friday I was invited to a party celebrating the fact that a colleague of mine had published her thesis. It was the woman who gave the lecture on Queen Christina's librarians a few weeks ago. Her thesis was approved of Friday after spending years working on it. It was about the queen's manuscript collection, now housed in the Vatican Library. The party was great; there were so many interesting people, the speeches were worth listening to and the food was incredible (especially the salmon). I enjoyed the evening very much and left later than I had planned on.

Today my boss placed goodies (chocolate and fruit) in our room, so there was even more snacking. It's the last week before Christmas and we thought the students would go home. They asked for so many books today that we had problems handling all the requests. I hope they calm down soon.

And where is the snow!?

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