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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter shoes

It was a moderately busy week at work. It seems to be off-peak season when it comes to requests. I managed to avoid driving the storage round, since I was able to persuade others to do it. The desk duty was busy, though.

The rug I messed up when I dropped the container with curry sauce was difficult to get clean. Even though I put it in the machine, there were still stains. Luckily, I could turn it over on the other side so it doesn't show... I dared to cook another dish with curry sauce today, this time with chicken (salmon last week). It turned out to be very tasty.

This weekend I went to the nearest mall by bus. The trains are cancelled for three weekends due to track maintenance, and they have been replaced by buses. It takes much longer time to travel then, so I don't want to go to Malmö or Lund to go shopping. I hadn't been to the nearest mall for quite a while. There were some new stores, but there are still many spaces empty. There aren't many people here, so it's a good place to go shopping, because you don't have to wait in line. I found a pair of winter shoes, surprisingly enough in the women's section. That almost never happens. I have big and wide feet and usually have to buy men's shoes. I also went to the gigantic hardware store and found that they had brought out the Christmas ornaments. Some of it was last year's, and it was on sale at ridiculous prices. Wrapping paper rolls for 0.80 SEK (10 cents) and candle holders for 1.50 SEK (20 cents). I stocked up a little there.

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