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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cleaning weekend

This past week was also busy, but not so exhausting as the previous one. I brought the German intern on the storage round, and he got to see what a heavy job it is carrying crates filled with books. I had desk duty Thursday afternoon, the first session in a long time. Nothing had changed, so there were no surprises. One of the scholars, who has an enormous amount of books in her locker, has finally published her thesis, and we are very happy about this. We hope this means that she will empty her locker soon. She is a demanding library user, and she did thank us for our assistance in her book.

I have been rather active at home this weekend. I have planted new flowers (heather and some silver grey plants) in the box on the balcony. It was very nice weather and I sat out there in the sun wearing a sleeveless top. It was about ten centigrades, but warmer in the sunlight. I have also taken several walks to get groceries (since I don't have a car I have to shop more often). The apartment was in desperate need of attention, so I dusted all of it, moved items to the attic, cleaned the kitchen thoroughly (I dropped a container with curry sauce on the floor), threw away some indoor flowers and went to the recycling place with some cardboard. During the cleaning process I unfortunately slammed my foot into the bathroom door and injured my hand against a metal book case. Not nice, but I will live.

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